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With 135 crews. We will have 30 crews on 8 hour shifts working around the clock to complete the wall in 13 months for the Texas border and 18 months for the rest of the border. The system equipment will take 10 and 15 months respectively. The first generation software installation will be ongoing as each of the 150 substations are installed. The forth generation software will be installed within 3 months of construction end. The system will be fully operational in 13 months for Texas and 18 months for the remaining border. 


Our System

Using 864 fiber optic cable. the system can detect sounds on land, air and underground traffic of vehicles, aircraft and humans. We have a program that can distinguish between man, woman and child, in addition to vehicle type and load, aircraft make and model. All of these have a distinct acoustic signature.  Range is not limited by line of site, weather, solar flares, lightening strikes, gravitation variants or earthquakes. It can track billions of targets at the same time.

The layout shows how the intranet system connects. This layout is designed for triple redundancy. Each detection station has a current range of 100 km from each side.  If one is inoperable, the next two stations will take over